undefinedUntitled, 1988, gouache and charcoal on paper, 30" x 22".

Drawing draws us in-
volving us further and stretching
attention it sketches reaching
inching in ink and grasping
graphite graphing drawing
draws us out of our cells
and selves extending thinking
into seeing what was
sensed or seen as something
once in hand an eye
or at the fingers’ tips
it leads one on to a place
of twos and too and into   
depths and arcs as angles
curve through layered swerves
and lines as tines drawing                
is first and quickest to
the quick and draw and yet it
slows and flows unfolding
time raveling mine it
tries out signs along
a way a wavering it’s   
a doodle dancing within
its perfect incompletion
now a mesh and not a
mess a net that’s working
through a seam between us
drawing seems to hone
what might be true and turn
by turn it trains but doesn’t
tame. Like runes. It tunes us.

undefinedUntitled, 2009, graphite and gouache on paper, 22 " x 30".