Dramatis Personae


RICHARD BROWN BAKER: A collector of contemporary art, a Yale graduate and former Rhodes Scholar, he has the patrician bearing one would expect of the only son in a prominent Rhode Island family whose forebears arrived on the Mayflower. His ability to spot new talent has made him one of the foremost collectors of our time. In 1995 he donated his entire collection, valued at over $24. 5 million, to Yale. He has been keeping a journal since the age of seven.

LEO CASTELLI: A gallery owner since 1957, he launched Rauschenberg and Johns with their first one-man shows in 1958.

ANTOINETIE: Castelli’s partner for the evening, “Toiny" is an intelligent, worldly, slim blond with boycut bangs. Castelli later divorced his wife and married her.

DOROTHY MILLER: Curator of the museum collections at the Museum of Modern Art. Her ailing husband, HOLGER CAHILL, directed the Works Progress Administration projects under Roosevelt, was an early champion of modernism and a promoter …