Whenever we believe that we recognize something, we are especially forgetful. — Franz Josef Czernin



I want only you. PAUSE

Who is she?

Some girl. We don’t find out her name.

She seems to be afraid. The way she sits on the bed, her legs drawn up, and the way the blanket covers them and is pulled up to her throat. And look at her face, it seems …

It seems distorted. But that could be from having it on pause. That always causes some distortion.

Did he film everyone with whom he . . .

He didn’t film everyone, yet he’s the one who filmed everything.

Where was it filmed?

In a hotel somewhere in Brazil. But let’s look at it again from the start. REW.




Back in Sao Paulo. She immediately called a friend and told her about the hotel, the beaches and the departure schedule, her voice bubbling with the enthusiasm of a travel agent.

Meanwhile, he was angry that he hadn’t stayed home. Lying in his room or perhaps outside in the hammock, he would rather be reading a novel u…