Hans Erni came to Paris from his native Switzerland in 1927 to study architecture. He dropped his studies in favor of painting and gave to the art world his prodigious ability as a draughtsman coupled with a furious pace of production. Now, forty-four years of age he has exhibited in every major capital of Europe, from London to Prague. At the present time he has three exhibitions running simultaneously, in Chicago, Copenhagen, and in Paris, at the Kléber Galleries. Equally gifted in tempera, oils, etchings, lithographs, and pastels, Erni continues to work on such varied projects a illustrations for Jules Renard's Histories Naturelles, oil paintings and lithograph posters. He was once a junior ski champion in Switzerland, and on his occasional visits to Lucerne plays on its field hockey team, but in his Paris studio, where he paints in an old gym suit, he only finds time for an occasional swim in a year of work.